When the TBA was established in 1947, it had only 34 members. As of the end of 2018, the number exceeded 7,500, accounting for approximately 70% of all the lawyers in the nation, making it the local bar association with the most members.

The TBA was originally overseen by a director-general, and then rotating managing directors. On 8 April 1990, the TBA became managed by a director-general in accordance with the Civil Associations Act. Twenty-one directors were then elected in accordance with the TBA's Articles of Association, seven of which were elected as managing directors with the President elected from among the seven managing directors by the 21 directors. In addition, the TBA has seven supervisors, with two acting as the standing supervisors.

To facilitate the association's development and enhance legal expertise, the TBA has set up dozens of standing committees, professional field committees and special committees under the board of directors. Each committee consists of a chairman, vice chairman and several committee members who are all TBA members appointed by the board. The standing committees are each in charge of specific issues, for example, the Attorney Ethics and Discipline Committee handles member's disciplinary issues; the Justice Reform Committee is in charge of promoting and monitoring the national justice system and quality improvement; the Civil Legal Aid Committee plans and provides legal services to the disadvantaged minority communities; and the Legal Education Promotion Committee is dedicated to public legal education. The professional field committees has established the committees in the traditional fields of law, such as the constitution, administrative law, civil law, criminal law, commercial and financial law, respectively according to the development of the country's social economy and the evolution of the legal system, and the committees on social issues research and social movements promotion such as human rights, gender equality, child and adolescent issues, consumer debt clearance, crime victims protection, and so on. There are also committees on research in emerging fields of law, such as competition law, life science and technology law, sports and entertainment law, intellectual property and innovative technology, and also special committees such as the Lawyer System Development Center, the Finance and Taxation Center and the Center of Non-disclosure of Investigations, which are based on policy tasks. (The committees are listed below.)

1 November 2010 - Seven Summits of Taiwan Hike organized by TBA - Cilai North Peak.

To promote the association affairs, the Secretary Office has been set up under the board of directors. The Secretary Office shall have the Legal and Planning Department and Administrative Affairs Department established, and place one Secretary-general, several Deputy Secretary-general and Directors. The board of directors shall appoint Secretary-general, Deputy Secretary-general and Directors of the Administrative Affairs Department from among the members, who all work part-time and not get paid, and is responsible for supervising full-time association staff in carrying out association affairs. The full-time association affairs staff of the Secretary Office include the a number of full-time lawyers and researchers at the Legal and Planning Department, a number of Executive Secretaries, Senior Commissioners, Commissioners, Clerks, and so on at the Administrative Affairs Department, handling the administrative affairs through divisions of l documentation, general affairs, accounting, library and information, and media and public relations.

28 July 2001 - TBA softball team in 7th National Lawyers’ Cup of Slow Pitch Softball.