Article 1 of the Lawyers Act reads: "Attorneys take upon themselves the goals of protecting human rights, promoting social justice, and contributing to democratic government and the rule of law" …"Guided by these professional goals, with the spirit of self-regulation and self-governance, attorneys should strive to faithfully execute their professional responsibilities, contribute to the preservation of social order, and work towards the improvement of the legal system." With such mission and philosophy, the TBA has worked in accordance with the principle "Make Voices Heard Externally and Contribute Efforts Internally." Internally, besides promoting members' continuing education in order to enhance their professional skills and legal service quality, member ethics and discipline issues are thoroughly investigated with a view to better self-regulation and self-governance. Externally, the TBA marshals the collective wisdom and capabilities of the members to, by the principles of autonomy, self-regulation and self-governance, actively promote human rights protection by holding various forums on human rights issues. Furthermore, the TBA has formed alliances with various domestic organizations to participate in Taiwan's political, social and judicial reforms, as well as legislation amendments in order to foster democracy and the rule of law. The TBA has long been involved in public legal aid programs and public interest activities, and looks after underprivileged communities to pursue social justice. To achieve its mission, the TBA also actively involved in the research and revision of the Lawyers Act with a view to developing the rules of attorneys in modern times through a comprehensive system and practice environment.

19 February 2001 - TBA organized the legal aid conference for victims of Dongxing Building after the Chichi 921 Quake.

6 March 2009 - TBA held the press conference “Right for Legal Counsels to Publicly Display Interrogation DVD Outside of the Court” to maintain the defense rights of legal counsels.

16 November 2010 - Seminar on System and Practice of Cross-Strait Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Resolution Board (DRB).

26 December 2009 – IP Case Review Seminar.

25 February 2008 - TBA and related NGOs organized the Q&A on Presidential Candidates by Professional Legal Groups during the Taiwan presidential election.

TBA runs the “Citizen Legal Consultation Service” in collaboration with the Taipei City Government.